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Boston Tanning Any time of year is right for the sun-kissed look of a subtle tan. Look as if you spent a weekend at the beach or just got off the slopes. At Solé Day Spa, you can enjoy a quick and easy glow with our Boston tanning treatments. If you can't get to our day spa, ask about our mobile tanning service.

A subtle tan looks good on just about everyone. Unless you are a dedicated Goth girl, a little synthetic sun on your cheeks and shoulders will give your good looks a boost of radiance. It may be possible to catch a suntan in Boston during summertime, but it's not at all practical to lay on your rooftop during a winter freeze. If you wish to show a sun-kissed glow, come spend some time at Solé Boston tanning salon and day spa. We offer only state of the art tanning beds that are kept immaculately clean and in excellent working order. Not every Boston tanning salon is as meticulous with their gear as Solé. We maintain our tanning equipment in perfect operating condition because we value our clients and honor the health of their epidermis.

When you're planning your outfit to wear on a special occasion, book a session at our Boston tanning salon. Wear a strapless, backless dress with confidence, even in December. On the day of your tanning session, avoid the use of lotions or creams. Leave your jewelry at home. At Solé Day Spa you may enjoy a morning, afternoon or full day of pampering salon and spa services that are sure to leave you feeling pampered and refreshed. A cleansing facial can do wonders for your whole outlook on life. If you can't take the time to come to Solé Day Spa, ask us about our suntan delivery service. Boston Tanning
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